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Welcome to 360 Degrees of Taxes, a national volunteer effort of the nation’s Certified Public Accountants to help consumers understand their taxes. 360 Degrees of Taxes has everything for tax season and beyond, all for FREE! This site, designed by CPAs, is here to help you find tax resources, tips, FAQs, checklists and much more. Check out the Ask-A-CPA section, where a real CPA will answer your individual questions. 360 Degrees of Taxes has everything you need to make small work out of filing. And with content being updated regularly, check back often. 


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Learn more about your personal finances through every stage of life. Check out 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy, brought to you by the nation's certified public accountants.

CPA Tip:  Tackle Student Loan Debt Now

Did you know that the average student loan balance is $24,803? Student debt is taking a heavy toll on borrowers, according to an American Institute of CPAs survey, which found that 75% of respondents or their children had made personal or financial sacrifices because of monthly student loan payments. Sacrifices included putting off saving for retirement (41%); delaying car purchases (40%); postponing a home purchase (29%); and even waiting on marriage (15%).

Among the most troubling findings were that only 39% fully understood the burden that student loan debt would place on their future and 60% had at least some regrets about their decisions on financing their education. That’s why it’s always critical to understand the full potential impact of all your financial choices. The good news is that your CPA can help.

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